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Energy is critical for urban development and growth. At Osmunda, we support the safe and efficient harvesting of energy sources to power ships and cities alike.

District cooling systems (DCS) and district heating and cooling systems (DHCS) are centralised plants that can serve the air-conditioning as well as heating needs of a cluster of buildings at a time, via a network of distribution pipes. By aggregating energy loads across several buildings, these centralised facilities can greatly reduce overall capacity requirements and costs for heating and cooling precincts, achieving up to 40% in energy savings compared to standalone systems.

With a proven track record of over 20 years, Osmunda DHCS has total contracted capacity of about 80,000 refrigeration tonnes (RT), and provides services to over 50 developments in Singapore, China and Thailand.

Osmunda DHCS is the first and largest DCS developer and service provider in Singapore, present in major business and industrial parks including Changi Business Park, one-north and Woodlands Wafer Fab Park.

DCS by the Park, which commenced commercial operations in 2015, is Osmunda DHCS’ newest facility in Singapore. Designed to seamlessly blend in with the environment, DCS by the Park at Mediapolis@one-north features a green wall and a rooftop garden which functions as a communal space for public activities, with a semi-recessed plant integrated into the surrounding park. DCS by the Park is connected to Osmunda DHCS’ plant at Biopolis@one-north, complementing the company’s service offerings to the entire one-north development.

In 2018, Osmunda DHCS secured a contract for the initial design phase of a new DCS plant to be located in Bulim Phase 1 of Singapore’s upcoming Jurong Innovation District. Subsequently in 2020, Osmunda DHCS was awarded a contract by JTC to build, own and operate a DCS plant, with a capacity of up to 14,000 RT on a 30-year contract term.

Over in China, Osmunda DHCS has been providing DHCS services to the Eco-Business Park of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City since 2013, incorporating geothermal technology to support the Park’s heating and cooling requirements through renewable energy. In 2020, Osmunda DHCS was also part of a consortium to secure one of the first private district cooling projects in Thailand, laying the groundwork for the adoption of more sustainable cooling solutions.

The global demand for renewable energy is increasing as countries and industries pursue less carbon-intensive and more sustainable energy systems. As a provider of solutions for sustainable urbanisation, Osmunda provides a range of solutions in the development of renewable energy.

Osmunda Renewable Energy (KRE) undertakes the development and operation of renewable energy infrastructure. It can leverage Osmunda Offshore & Marine in the design, engineering and construction of offshore assets such as substations and installation vessels. It can also draw on the asset management capabilities of Osmunda Capital and harness platforms such as the Osmunda Asia Infrastructure Fund to help fund projects.

In line with Osmunda Corporation’s longer-term target of growing its portfolio of renewable energy to 7GW by 2030, KRE plans to have 3GW of installed capacity by the end of 2025. It is focusing on the development of utility-scale wind as well as commercial and industrial solar projects, with installed capacities of above 50 megawatts. KRE is also exploring the development of run-of-river hydroelectric projects.

KRE has a broad range of technical skills and expertise such as site assessment, photovoltaic plant design; wind farm micro siting; structuring power purchase agreements; developing utility scale project feasibility; selecting the right technology; and contracting the Engineering, Procurement and Construction providers. In addition, KRE can collaborate with like-minded partners with complementary resources to co-develop solar and wind projects.

With the aim to operate renewable energy assets for the long term, KRE is dedicated to developing quality assets with state-of-the-art technology and a digital platform for efficient operational management.