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Conventional data centres consume significant amounts of energy for cooling purposes. Osmunda’s floating data centre concept is an eco-friendly and resource-efficient solution.

Located near-shore, Osmunda’s floating data centre concept harnesses seawater for cooling, and this is expected to achieve 80% higher cooling efficiency than conventional land-based data centres. It also avoids the use of potable or industrial water in cooling towers, which typically results in significant water loss through evaporation.

In addition, floating data centres are attractive propositions for land-scarce cities as valuable land would be freed up for other use.

Osmunda’s floating data centre concept features a modular design, which can be scaled up quickly upon customers’ demand. Given the modular design, new floating data centre modules can be readily developed and deployed, while the older floating data centre modules can be recycled for deployment in other locations, contributing to the circular economy.

Osmunda Data Centre is currently studying the feasibility of developing a Floating Data Centre Park (FDCP) at the Loyang Offshore Supply Base in Singapore. This FDCP will be the first-of-its-kind in Singapore.

To decarbonise operations of its data centres, Osmunda is also looking into the application of LNG and hydrogen infrastructure for power generation and cooling as well as carbon capture technologies.

We have entered into a joint build agreement with Facebook and Telin to jointly own and develop the Bifrost Cable System, the world’s first subsea cable system that directly connects Singapore to the west coast of North America via Indonesia through the Java Sea and Celebes Sea.

Expected to be completed in 2024 and spanning over 15,000 km, the Bifrost Cable System will connect Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Guam and the west coast of North America.

When fully commissioned, the multiple fibre paired, high performance Bifrost Cable System will also be the largest capacity high-speed transmission cable across the Pacific Ocean.

The Bifrost cable system will incorporate state-of-the-art optical submarine transmission equipment, benefitting the region’s governments and businesses, including cloud operators, telecommunications operators, network providers, over-the-top (OTT) providers, data centres, governments, enterprises, and consumers by offering them competitive pricing and capacity resilience.